MFL / French

Encouraging a love of languages and learning about other cultures in enjoyable and stimulating ways.

MFL / French


At Beetham School our French curriculum ensures all pupils develop key learning skills, as set out by the National Curriculum, as well as a love of languages and learning about other cultures in enjoyable and stimulating ways. We aim to embed the essential skills of listening, reading, speaking, and writing to lay the foundations for future language learning.


Our MFL curriculum has been designed to progressively develop skills in French. We are currently using the ‘Salut’ scheme of work to deliver our lessons. These ensure children acquire a bank of vocabulary, organised around topics. They ensure development is progressive as they build on previous knowledge from units already studied.

All children in KS2 are taught French as a weekly lesson, for 40 minutes. This is delivered by a Teaching Assistant, who is a French specialist. Areas covered include numbers, colours, house & home, food & drink, sports, the classroom, clothes, and hobbies.

KS1 children are introduced to MFL through a short 20-minute weekly lesson, taught by their class teacher, using a range of media, songs and the ‘Salut’ scheme of work.

The lessons are made as creative and enjoyable as possible, to develop a positive attitude to the learning of modern foreign languages.

At Beetham we are partnered with a school in Senegal (Atabar Tabar) with whom we communicate in French via letters and post cards.


Teachers assess French throughout the lessons using ‘CGP Assessment Through Learning. This helps plan for future lessons.

Children are encouraged to understand the relevance of what they are learning in languages and how it relates to everyday life and travel. Also, how it would help them when visiting another country or talking to a French person.

Progression through a topic should be evident in the development of key skills and acquisition of main vocabulary.

Evidence of progress can be seen in children’s books where their work is assessed alongside verbal feedback given and written comments.

In addition, it is the intended impact that the children:

  • are inspired by the MFL curriculum and want to learn more.
  • show progression in their skills, knowledge and understanding in the work in their books.
  • can discuss their learning and remember what they have learnt.
  • learn about the country France and what it is like to live there.

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